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is a granny better then a king

hi and hello, that inner voice said lets get some more donuts both so i could have donuts for breakfast but also to compare places in my quest to find a favorite. this time i went to granny’s donuts in … Continue reading

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me reads and me sees #two

hi and hello another week is gone and i can share what i have seen and read. my pace slowed from the week before but the week had thanksgiving in the middle and i was not ready to spend a … Continue reading

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comparing donuts to donuts

hi and hello everyone likes donuts, well everyone should. while cruising with the q’s [they REALLY¬† like donuts] i wondered where i could find the best ones. for the answer i have to buy and compare. i started at king … Continue reading

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the silly watchers

hi and hello so 2 of the silly sisters are celia and effie rose, celia has a middle name [agnus] too . i think effie rose sounds better then just effie so that’s what i call her most of the … Continue reading

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thankful for thanksgiving

hi and hello just a note to say that once again thanksgiving came and went, it was great as we shared it with the silly kids and the silly kids and their guys along with deb and susie. it all … Continue reading

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i remember

hi and hello there has to be something worth sharing, meken47 and the family have done a lot of stuff. perhaps a trip or an interesting story, or a party, yea there must be something to share. it should be … Continue reading

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me reads and me sees #one

hi and hello so its monday and i will share what i saw and what i read over the last week. i have been keeping track of my views since 2006, my reads since 2009, getting a library card gave … Continue reading

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