a better read week then a view week

hi and hello

i will have to blame christmas for it being a bad view week and the fact that after seeing something called the lodger i had enough. it was that bad. the trouble is that since i only saw one movie it was the best and the worst for the week. i watched it via on starz on demand over 2 days. it was another one of those where the killer just happens to go after the detective’s daughter. yea. i had a better time reading an old novel from 1904 titled freckles by gene stratton-porter. it was called: A beloved turn-of-the-century Indiana classic for all ages, and it was pretty good. it had it all, a hero who overcomes a disability, bad guys who get what they deserve, a beautiful angelic girl and lots of feel good moments. interesting to read about the author gene stratton-porter as she came to hollywood and formed a studio to make movies out of her books. freckles was made into a film in 1924. yup. it was just a very nice read. miss stratton-porter was killed in a car vs trolley accident in los angeles. her hero freckles lived after having a tree fall on him, i guess real life is tougher then fiction. once i finish a kindle book i hunt for a few others and have already loaded 3. i really enjoyed freckles and will see if the next one can be as good or better. at least i know next week will be a better movie week, will choose between a tron guy, a fighter guy or some grue grit guy with a patch. yups. signed; meken47.

this day in meken47 history: dec 20th

1977: paid $5 for a christmas tree [paid $25 in 2010]

2007: paid $25 for a christmas tree [hmm]

2009: paid $20 for a christmas tree [hmm again]

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  1. Chris says:

    I started watching one on regular Starz yesterday called Hush with gwenth paltrow and jessica lange but it was a little scary and someone called and then i did not get to see the rest of it. What i did see was pretty good. Sorry your movie was not that enjoyable.

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