what was rance howard doing there?

hi and hello

we have more then a few autographs, going to conventions gave us the chance to fill up an autograph book, for a while we used one of bruce campbell’s books for his and everyone elses.  many were obtained by cathie. i remember getting getting robert culp [great american hero] in san diego last year, felt like a little kid. i’ve chased after 2 authors, frank mccourt [won a pulitzer price] and robby benson [yea that robby benson] at book signings and chats. i figure if someone i like wanted to sell a book and talk some it was worth the go. it was august 29th 2007 and sitting right in front of me was rance howard who is in almost every ron howard movie [wonder why]. it was interesting that he would go to pasadena to listen to robby benson sell his book called who stole the funny? the answer was they used to be neighbors and stuff. nice to hear robby benson tell about his movie life, his directing life, his teaching life. robby benson made more then a few movies i liked, one on one, modern love, running brave, the chosen, walk proud [hmm]. he filmed two of a kind near our house and we camped out to see him [didn’t but did see cliff robertson]. i don’t do it often but if there i someone i’ve enjoyed in some way i am willing to play fan boy and chase after them. the autograph is made out to me. yup. it is always interesting as when asked who to and i reply me, i get a look or a what was that. i haven’t chased after an autograph in a long time but i value the ones that me and cathie do have. yup. signed; meken47.

this day in meken47 history: dec 22nd

1974: went to my first [and only] nfl game

2009: saw tale of despereaux

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2 Responses to what was rance howard doing there?

  1. cathie says:

    This is why it is fun to chase after folks and get autographs. Meeting people who’ve inspired more fun times! 😀

  2. Chris says:

    I also liked Robbie Benson. Denise and i used to watch “ice castles” over and over again. one of my favorites but have not seen it in years. Enjoyed!

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