the yellow balloon

hi and hello

celia is my first grandkid and toni’s fourth. everything she does is fun filled, with the help of a yellow balloon she was able to fun a day away. inside and outside, it did not matter as it was something different to play with. it was just before she got her silly sister. it had to be helium filled for a while or there were two different ones as she is seen keeping it close. the yellow balloon gave her many different ways to play. it looks like she was happiest just holding it close. there was not a lot of silly in those days, to be a real silly sister you had to have a silly sister. looks like celia was just wait and waiting for something special to happen. her yellow balloon was there for her the whole day, better then most toys. of course once she got effie rose as a playmate a yellow balloon would never be the same. it does look like she was having extra fun though. signed; meken47.

this day in meken47 history: dec 24

1987: knowing we would get a vcr for christmas got first vhs tape: runaway train

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