i have a lot of odds and ends

hi and hello

i doubt i will ever run out of things to share, we have gone so many places and done so many things. we have a fun family unit and i have taken thousands of photos to prove it. sharing them once in a while will give me the chance to pass along stuff. i still might find a real topic but i have to many odds and ends and things and stuff and misc not to show and tell. before we got wild thing [our current love bird] we had a pair named he and she. there were not many moments when any of the birds were out of the cage, in fact this is one of the only 2 outside photos i can remember. i’m not sure if it was he or she.  6 months after getting them one died. and he or she just went on for quite a few years after being fed and cared for by cathie and me. we are not pet people but there is something about a lovebird that is worth it having around. we have been to great america in santa clara a few times, perhaps i will find some photos of the kids there and blog that but this time i am just showing the one ride that made me super sick, it was a wheel where you spin twice. no one else had enough except me and once up high and spinning my only thoughts were stop this damn thing. we went back to great america a few times after but i stayed away for anything that twirls. when a member of the me family has a birthday it’s a reason to get a cake. at the kids parties we would go to chinatown and get a strawberry cake from the phoenix bakery. other then the tamales we made it was the hit of the party. now we settle for something smaller from a local bakery called kellys.  chocolate chips smooth icing and strawberries make a nice way to celebrate any birthday. the photo was from 2008 but i am sure i have a few others of a kelly cake for me round in an album. we have been to the alamo a few times, san antonio is a great place to visit. first time i went was when we drove to the mackay wedding in austin, we made stops at the grand canyon and san antonio to visit the hughes folks and actually went to the alamo twice. that’s the spirit of sacrifice, aka the alamo cenotaph [yea]. seeing the pee wee herman movie made me want to see the alamo in person [yea]. another spot to see in texas is the state capital in austin. i’ve never made it to the california one in sacramento but it could not be better then texas’s. we played take a tour and a young guide with a real texas accent tells all the good stuff about texas and the capital building. if you enlarge the photo you can see the star, yup texas is the lone star state. so i got to share lovebird stuff, texas stuff, twirling stuff and show off a yum cake. just some of the many odds and ends that meken47 has tucked away in my completed albums. signed: meken47.

this day in meken47 history: dec 29th

1987: saw raising arizona

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