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sara sara and sara

hi and hello so everyone knows that sara is one of the silly sisters, she has always been non stop fun and even now is on the go all the time. it was always easy to get poses for photos … Continue reading

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april 2008 part #2

hi and hello idaho has always had a special place for me [thanks rock and roll high school] and it was fun to getaway there. tom had gone to school there, met his wife and after playing stock market with … Continue reading

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donuts and donuts

hi and hello had the chance to donut on the burbank side of town and found prince donuts [irving and glenoaks]. being later in the morning they were out of lemon filled so i had to jelly instead, it was … Continue reading

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there must be a lot of legionaires

hi and hello never did get last weeks comics and hope that everything will be available when i do on thursday, thats the fun of it working to stay current. just need 5 this week, they are 1] action #900 … Continue reading

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it was sort of a lost week

hi and hello i saw enough movies but it should of been more. netflix kept me going and there are movies on que from the dvr but i seemed to of gotten lost along the way. spent the week watching … Continue reading

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they look silly to me

hi and hello i have over 200 photos in albums [65] of just cathie and sara together and sara and cathie together [depends who is on the left] and all of them show the girls on the verge of silliness. … Continue reading

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chyn king-ed

hi and hello had the chance to find a new place to eat [thanks cathie and dave], it’s not that easy for me to do it. being in hollywood we were guided to chyn king on third street and had … Continue reading

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