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comics after the con

hi and hello with comic con out of the way for another year will just have to keep trying to stay current each week. missed getting any last week and will try to play catch up this week. there were … Continue reading

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opps missed sun donuts

hi and hello i was following my lemon filled adventures and sun donuts in alhambra was to be next. being on the other side of alhambra went to mr goods for todays eats instead. sun will have to wait a … Continue reading

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what happened to my preview night

hi and hello decided to tell about my san diego comic con times, this was my 9th one and things have only gotten crazier. i am happy to go, glad i went, and can’t wait to go again but there … Continue reading

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even disneyland doesnt charge $4 for a bottle of coke

hi and hello after a good nights sleep and a continental breakfast at the days inn all ready to con the day away. i had to get my passes and cathie wanted to chase after tickets for next year for … Continue reading

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tickets for 2012 day

hi and hello friday was not a comic con day for me but we wanted to get tickets for 2012. the con in their comic con wisdom decided to sell them off sight at the sheraton hotel this year and … Continue reading

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its saturday and i cant comic con

hi and hello for the last 4 years saturday has been my big comic con day, would 9am to almost 7pm walking the floor seeing everything and trying to get as much free stuff as possible. this year [thanks to … Continue reading

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walking the walk on sunday

hi and hello i have had a sunday ticket to the con for 51 weeks, the con was using my money all year so now it was my turn to get something from them. of course the con offers nothing, … Continue reading

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