another fun fourth

hi and hello

the fourth of july gives us the chance to get together to bbq something and play with fireworks too, the safe and sane kind of course. this was our second year with dave helping to fire off the stuff. had carne asada [thanks sara], hot dogs and some bbq chicken and some creamed broccoli [thanks rachel] to start  things off right. just a nice gathering with leah attending her first fourth of july event. celia and effie rose were able to watch superman 4 with commentary by me and cathie while waiting for it to get dark. cathie and dave had once again gotten fireworks and put on a great display. the fireworks began about 830pm, sara and alex came and so did a pal of celia’s named luke who seemed to like the event too. cathie and dave played light um up for well over an hour. the whole purpose of playing with fireworks is to watch the kids ahhhh as they have a good time. luke, celia and effie rose liked it a lot and they would hooray for the ones with super displays. it was a nice fourth with family food and fireworks. everyone enjoyed the eats and everyone enjoyed the fireworks show given by cathie and dave. i sure did, just about our best all made for a wonderful fourth of july. until next year, when we will do it all again. signed; meken47.

this day in meken47 history: jul 6th

1982: saw cliff robertson in glendale as he was filming tv movie two of a kind

1989: saw little mermaid

2005: family visiting from mexico and texas to attend faulkner wedding

2007: gas was $3.07

2010: watching cooper the dog


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One Response to another fun fourth

  1. cat says:

    It was a happy fun and yummy firework filled day! 😀

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