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have not been blog-ing much, just catching up on things and keeping away from tv and movies that take me nowhere. had the good opportunity to read some stories by edgar wallace who  for a while was a very big time author. he even made the cover of time magazine in april of 1929. when i look for something to kindle read i often go to the project gutenburg  which offers public domain stuff, they claim to have over 36000 books available and  i think i’ve read about 100 of them. looking for mysteries i found edgar wallace and in just a few days read his the daffodil mystery and the angel of terror. both were murder mysteries and he led me along a interesting path. of the 60 books i have kindled this year these were among the best. edgar wallace was a prolific writer, he wrote hundreds and hundreds of books between 1905 and the early 1930’s. i think it was interesting that he worked on the screenplay for king kong, his version was called the beast and it was the idea that would become the movie. his draft got things started and had he not died we might of seen a different king kong. just wanted to share my joy of reading some edgar wallace novels [thanks kindle] and know that sooner or later i will find some more. it is always nice to read something new and original even if it is 90 years old. yup. signed: meken47.


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