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why i dont watch the news much

hi and hello having a mac available i am usually looking at yahoo and or for daily news, most of the headlines show up before its tv news time. i noticed that some channels show news at 430am … Continue reading

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so i saw

hi and hello so i saw only 7 movies this week, movie-ing this year is not a priority and  as long as i can get my one a day it’s okay. saw bullhead and the artist [see feb 22nd blog] at theaters … Continue reading

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rip dory previn

hi and hello someone said that i should share my joy about the life of dory previn who had died the 14th of this month. i was part of the cult following she had in the mid 1970’s. i must … Continue reading

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no art in the artist for me

hi and hello saw my 6th best oscar nominated movie today, had the chance to see the artist as it was $6 tuesday. went in with high expectations, don’t know anyone who has seen it but some of the reviews … Continue reading

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read a comic about ash and ash

hi and hello saturday was buy comic book day, still working to get comics every week and since dc rebooted everything there are at least 4 or 5 every week and  we often get behind. picked up batman and detective, … Continue reading

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and this week i saw

hi and hello kept a good enough pace this week, another week of seeing a good mixed selection. saw a western, one with a flying serpent, a sherlock holmes movie and a musical with tyrone power, even saw a movie … Continue reading

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ramone eo sitting

hi and hello we had the chance to watch ramone eo while the q’s did some movie viewing. he has become an easy to take care of kid and has a smile that is so special. don’t think anyone can … Continue reading

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