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100% improvement but still bad again

hi and hello i haven’t stopped trying to watch movies, i’ve just slowed down watching movies, no dvr-ing and hunting for stuff. looks like i will continue to slow and easy things. last week was a 4 movie week and … Continue reading

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another ramone day

hi and hello had the chance to park with ramone, well i go to the park and he just comes along for the ride. went to pelaconi park which is usually a quite place to swing and play. today was lawn … Continue reading

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my amen wedding

hi and hello went to a wedding this weekend, won’t mention the names just share the event. glad to have a chance to wear the new suit i recently bought and toni to play dress up too. we had gotten … Continue reading

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hi and hello even after a busy day i still had to get to the new beverly cinema and watch the midnight showing of joe versus the volcano. we had seen it in march 1990 and watched parts through the … Continue reading

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it’s just a movie

hi and hello made a point of seeing one more movie for the week. saw killer joe [2011] in pasadena and was wow-ed. it is not a movie for everyone, it was rated n/c-17 which means as far as the … Continue reading

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expendables 2 was pretty hmmm too

hi and hello saw expendables 2 last night, cathie and dave had liked it enough and seeing a movie in a theater is better then watching nothing on tv. expendables 2 was not as much fun as the first was … Continue reading

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100% improvement but still bad

hi and hello still in a movie funk and am not going out of my way to watch movies. did see 2 which was 100% better then last week. did not tv or dvr or imdb video any. saw one … Continue reading

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