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had the chance to take a road trip this last weekend, drove the 277 miles to merced and IMG_1827IMG_1826it was worth every mile driven. the most fun was planning the eats part of the trip and i yelp-ed before leaving. knew we would dinner twice and breakfast once for sure and would snack something yum too. so i yelp-ed merced mexican restaurants and found  fina estampa, reading others comments leaned me into choosing IMG_1831
IMG_1837IMG_1834it. with the help of maps even knew the exact directions. we had shrimp meals and each was darn good at a right price. while i can never get enough mexican perhaps my fav is still italian and i yelp-ed that and found strings italian cafe. spaghetti w/sausage is IMG_1867IMG_1876 IMG_1878always a perfect meal for me and soup salad added to our dinner. toni getting a kids scoop of spumoni was the right touch to our italian night too. in between those meals we found rollen dounts, it was perhaps the smallest donut shop i ever visited but they had the best donuts i have ever tried. damn wish i had gotten more then just a few. yelp said IMG_1899IMG_1895 IMG_1896they were good, i would say they were better then good. our last merced meal was from a chain called black bear diner, we wanted a good breakfast before hitting the road home. it was a breakfast to remember as everything tasted right. ham and eggs, country pots, perfect toast and  super-sized homemade biscuit too. i got to share a pancake, it beat the heck out of ihop’s. it is always great to road trip, to go from point A to point B and just enjoy the nice times in between. yup. thanks to yelp i was able to find some wonderful meals too. thank you yelp mucho. yup. signed: meken47.

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  1. Chris Hester says:

    made me hungry glad you had a good time.

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