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had the chance to re-see they live at the los angeles times hero complex event yesterday thIMG_3349w/cathie and dave. seeing they live on the big screen is a fun time event and with john carpenter [the director] q & a-ing after it could not of been much better. they live was from 1988 and john nada [roddy piper] just wants to work a little as times are hard, his trouble is he is nosey and finds THE GLASSES that allow him to see how aliens [yea] have taken over and are subliminally making people into consuming fools [hmm]. he gets a pal frank [keith david] to help [they have to fight for 6 minutes before coming to an agreement] him stop the aliens [john calls then IMG_3355th-1ugly very ugly] by destroying a secret [hmm] transmitter. it does not end well for john and frank but perhaps the world did wake up and stop the aliens and stop consuming everything. after the movie the director john carpenter came out and shared stories about the movie, he said he had a $3 million dollar budget, choose a wrestler because he looked like he had been through hard times, had the guys spend 3 months practicing for the fight and said his anti reagan feelings helped him throughout the making of the movie. yea thats what he said. i think he was also very concerned who was winning the basketball game going on at the time too. i just liked they live as it told of a badass guy named john nada [nothing in espanol] who is willing to kick alien butt in a very fun way. seeing it in the late 1980’s was surely fun and re-seeing it in 2013 its still a joy. yup. they live is not a masterpiece but i did enjoy it again. thanks.. never thought i would say this but an extra thanks to the LA TIMES. yup. signed: meken47.

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  1. Chris Hester says:

    Wow! a thanks for the LA TIMES. That is a lot coming from you.

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