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for the last 25 plus years almost ever letter that i send, whether its a christmas card, bill payment, letters to the kids and notes to others, they all get a stamp on the outside. well they get blog0292 stamps, one postage and the other via my rubber stamps. i use the line i go through phases and one of them was accumulating rubber stamps at stores and via catalogs. i would add a new one now and then and the main use has been to make my mail a bit more exciting. if you have ever gotten mail from me you know what i am saying. yup. blog028when i send a payment i might add: hope you enjoy this, or i might ask why the price of electricity was so high or when the la times will get better. i never got an answer and it did not matter. sending notes on my outgoing mail was only to give the receiver something extra to read and [maybe] enjoy. i sent letters to cathie for 4 years while she college-ed, each and every note and package had a stamp from me. i know that each made her day a little bit better and more fun. so does anyone else who does it, i wonder !!! well perhaps the teacher who showed me some of her stamps and got me started might but thats about the only maybe person. yup. while the ones shown are not the real deal they are what i might be sending to someone. yup again. signed: meken47.

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2 Responses to mail from me

  1. shempycat says:

    I have all those stamps you sent me in my scrapbooks! YUP!

  2. Chris Hester says:

    yes but you sent me letters etc. with stamps and many of them got me thru my nightmare with danny bonner. thanks.

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