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hi and hello

spent 8 days and 7 nights in kauai, went somewhere every day and ate at a few of the IMG_6281IMG_6006IMG_6516restaurants. had hawaiian ices and lots of sara food. went to see this and that and it all ended up being just about perfect. here are the 10 most fun things that happened. [no special order] 1] having 5 hawaiian ices [watermelon/banana/pineapple/pink IMG_6725IMG_7108IMG_6720lemonade/pineapple/ vanilla & grape. 2] sara food [she played cook] 3] going to the fern grotto via smith’s tropical paradise [celia liked the idea of being wed there] 4] surviving being strung by a bee6] seeing the waimea canyon 7] sara’s lost tablet and i-phone adventure 8] having chili fries w/beans at bubba’s 9] IMG_7180IMG_6449IMG_6037watching happy all the time ramone 10] watching the sunset at glass beach with the q’s and looking for bits of colored glass [effie found some nice ones]. these were the fun things, we were always doing something and i could keep on telling about ALL the fun things and places that we did and saw. these were some of the things i do not want to forget about. yup. signed: meken47.

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