a waterfall a canyon and a lighthouse

hi and hello

one of our big road trips was to see waimea canyon, which while it was not grand it was a very large and a great to see canyon. up a windy road we easily found it. having seen the grand IMG_6106IMG_6101IMG_6110canyon there is no comparrison but it certainly was a beautiful sight. walked to the lookout spot and played photo, it is one of the must see places to see in kauai. we IMG_6268IMG_6266IMG_6281were not alone as the parking lot filled and buses were coming too. and yes there were chickens too. after photo ops we headed down and back to the pool and/or the beach. yup. another drive  got us to opaeka falls, not the biggest or the best but one to see and photo too. only a 40 feet drop but right off the highway and we pictured and pictured it IMG_6274IMG_6296IMG_6912some more. toni had wanted to see at least one waterfall in kauai and it turned out to be opaeka. on a trip north we stopped to see kilauea lighthouse from afar, it was inside a wildlife sanctuary and we did not think it was worth $20 to get a closer look. photo-ing IMG_6915IMG_6919IMG_6922works and it was a picture postcard view. there were beach stops in between and other to look at places but a canyon, waterfall and lighthouse were worth the time and the gas. yup. signed: meken47.

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