kauai beaches and water views

hi and hello

the beaches of kauai were all great sights to see. i enjoyed walking at poi’pu beach nearby IMG_5959IMG_6489IMG_6573and photo-ing the waves. could almost see a turtle riding the waves too.  the q’s just about played beach every day. on our trips we stopped to look at a few and also found salt IMG_6354IMG_7263IMG_6358pond state beach and played there. the beaches of kauai just seemed a little bit more special then the local ones. i had a great time looking around and IMG_6467IMG_6732IMG_6761photo-ing. that way the memories will last forever. yup. i think my favorite beach adventure was with the q’s chasing after glass beach, on a unpaved IMG_7243IMG_6714IMG_6620road behind a chevron refinery and watching the sunset and looking for bits of glass just seemed like the right thing to do. effie rose and celia found some nice colored glass to bring home for me to save. yup and thanks. signed: meken47.

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